Students’ and trainees’ right is to know how they are progressing in details, to acknowledge where to focus effort and practice. But conventional assessments follow late and inaccurate feedback, due to the manual process.


Our solutions:

  • Immediate results: Users can see the results of a particular assessment instantaneously, as soon as it is submitted. No complete dependence on the Assessor for feedback.
  • Detailed analytics, Users can also view specified analytics of their performances and pinpoint certain aspects. An instructor also has the option to export results in different formats.
  • Practice tests could be used unlimited number of times to keep track of users performances using iBook widgets, for continues evaluation and ongoing practice.
  • Mobility and connectivity Methods to deliver assessments on all platforms at all times regardless of the place, continue the learning process even outside of the classroom and engage user in activities 24/7 reducing the chances of slacking off mid-course.
  • Auto grading, semi auto grading, manual grading, and Rubrics standardization, to give you the best accurate feedback results.