Survey Authoring and Management

Revolutionize the way your responses are managed

Expand your feedback base

With SwiftAssess' Surveys and Reports, you have all the crictical information you need to get the right results

Survey Question Bank

5 different types of question types that make your surveys dynamic and in-depth.

Explore Survey Question Types

Any Device, Anytime

Author, Deliver and Track your Surveys on multiple devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones


Instant Reports

With SwiftAssess' advanced analytics, you can view your respondents answers and filter for specific criteria. This will help you make better judgments and get more information about trends and patterns.

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Target the Right Audience

With specific question types to get proper feedback, you can ensure that your surveys get to the heart of the matter and that the right people are being communicated to.



Advanced Features

Work with a variety of different settings including interaction and accessibility. Whether making it public or particular to certain groups or individuals, you get to customize your survey to the way you like.

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