Program Management

Streamline your programs for success

Solidify Your Programs

With SwiftAssess, your programs are scalable and flexible. You have the freedom to formalize your program structure according to your needs. Whether Outcome Based or Skill Based or Training Based, SwiftAssess takes care of your needs.



Formulate According To Your Assessment Needs

With Assessment plans and activities, your assessments are centralized and accessible. Set program assessment activities like tests, exams, and finals based on your allocation for them and then use these to test your examinees.

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Measure Effectiveness with Learning Outcomes

If your program is Outcome Based, you can meaure the effectiveness of your programs by setting outcomes and indicators. By the end of your program, you will be able to judge the achievement of your program using reporting that is already at your fingertips. With every Outcome met, your institution gets closer to accreditation excellence.

Accreditation Compliance


Effective Training Programs

The success of any organization depends on its employees. Make sure your employees get the quality traning they deserve by structuring your program based on international training standards.

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Test Any Skill In Any Field

Our program structure can be used to test any skill for work for any industry whether it is vocational, service, public, military or governmental.



Issue Certificates

Upon successful completion of programs, SwiftAssess generates certificates for users who have passed the program, if you choose to allow certifications. These can be issued and sent to the examinees as attachments to emails.

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