Grading. Never been easier!

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Errors

SwiftAssess has more than 12 automatically graded questions with built-in features. In addition, we also facilitate manually graded questions and paper based graded questions.


Expand your scope with Manual Grading

Examinees can now answer questions that are manually graded right on SwiftAssess. Whether it involves handwritten questions, essay questions, audio recording questions or questions that require special files to be reviewed, this can all be done instantly. The examinees output will be automatically captured and made readily available for you to grade.



Standardized Grading with Rubrics

Standardize your grading of any manually graded question by having pre-set criteria that allow you to match an achievement to a criterion. This makes assessing more reliable and fair.

Evidence of Submission and Grading

Any examinee’s original work is available as a record of submission. Examiner comments including hand-drawn comments are viewable as evidence of grading.