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SwiftAssess is Cross-Browser Compatible

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No Special Software

SwiftAssess needs no extra setup, to be used. All you need is a browser and you can get started. Even rich multimedia based assessments do not need special software to be run.

Anywhere, Anytime

SwiftAssess is cloud-based. This means that in addition to having your data being secure, you can access it anytime, anywhere on any browser


Work Offline

No connectivity? No Problem. SwiftAssess supports offline delivery of assessments. Your examinees can take the exam even without connection and the results will be synced when a connection is established.

Secure Assessment Enviroment

SwiftAssess now enables you to deliver safe and secure assessments, complying with academic integrity. Native to both Windows and Mac; delivery through our secure browsers or normal browsers comes with disabled functionality such as copying, printing, etc… to reduce cheating attempts.

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